jueves, abril 28

A few lines about the genesis of CCTeVe

“Public authorities” have always made use of control and surveillance systems to watch over their population, nor such systems appear because of the technological developments (even though “thanks to” these, the scale and power of the video and other surveillance systems have gone wild); the control of knowledge, prevent access to information, the more or less sophisticated spy networks, religion (no technology is capable to compete with the omnipotent scrutiny of any God) or, even, the “family”, have always been and are quite effective methods to guard our behaviour and foresee our actions.

However, in addition to the amazing performance of the ultimate state-of-the-art video surveillance technology to monitor and control us, there has certainly been a change of paradigm. In the good old times, control and surveillance of society was mainly made undercover, the power holders simply knew they could not inform nor communicate to their “loyal” subjects or “fellow” citizens that they were being watch over for their own good. Today, at the contrary, our rulers have just required an excuse: “safety” and a lie: “fear”, to make use of the more advance systems of control and video surveillance in broad daylight and with our full consent.
So, maybe there’ no need to beat about the bush anymore, even though…

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